Naked Poets Series


The Naked Poets are -:


Naked Poets


Pat Drummond


Marco Gliori


Shirley Friend


Murray Hartin


and the late great Bobby Miller


Naked Poets Series Releases on Shoestring

"The Naked Poets 1 - Lie....v" The Naked Poets ( SR 16) ( Barcode 9331871000044 ) The amazing top selling album that began it all, features -:
"Turbulence" Murray  Hartin's hit poem about the ringer who rides his swag around a 747 in a bout of turbulence has become a classic on the Australian Folk and Country scenes. Also includes "The Mr. Whippy Ripoff Marco Gliori's Summer Nightmare! as well as
Poems By Bobbie Miller, Shirley Friend and Ray Essery, plus live versions of Pat Drummond's 'The Toilet Paper Linedance' and 'The Spider In The Car' 

The Naked Poets - 2  Newdirections" The Naked Poets ( SR 21)  ( Barcode 9331871000020) features:- "The Mammogram", "Dr. Death", "The Other Homebush games", "Fooling Around On Line" plus many more live comedy tracks. This album won album aof te Year and Best Single performance in The Tamworth Golden Gumleaf Bush Poetry Awards 2001

The Naked Poets 3 - Butt Seriously " The Naked Poets ( SR 28) features:- ( Barcode 9331871000099)"If I Die Before Kei th Richards I'll Be pissed Off  To The Max" , Marilyn Monroe Was A Size 14", "Bingo" , "The Roo and The Blue' and Thunder and Lightning' And "Are You Talking To Me?"

The Naked Poets 4 - Swingin' Ockers" The Naked Poets ( SR 58)  ( Barcode 9331871000396) features:- "Breast Is Best", "The Hog Whisperer", "Volvo Drivers" , "The Man That Should Have Handled my Divorce" , "Warm Spot In Bed" and The Night Club Open" "

The Naked Poets 5 - Loose ends and Wobbly Bits" The Naked Poets ( SR 58)  ( Barcode 9331871005742) 
The last Naked Poets released after the death of the late great Bobby Miller at The 2009 Gympie Muster features "The Ripsnorter" , The Floater", Washing From Perth", and Bobby's classic, "Sam Nagasaki"

Solos and Spinoffs

"Live Loud & Ludicrous" ( SR 26) ( Barcode 9331871000136) features:- Marco Gliori of Naked Poets fame performing his own live comedy/bush poetry album. Includes 'The Call To Arms', "The Roo and The Blue' and the highy moving poem 'Tough'  

"Muz!" ( SR 53) - The Hilarious new solo spinoff from Murray Hartin of The Naked Poets features The Hog Whisperer, The C-Rap and Many more as well as hit 'Turbulence'

 "Verbal Intercourse" ( SR 54) ( Barcode 9331871000341)  Shirley Friend  - Just like Col Elliot and your Grandma all rolled into one, Shirley Friend from the Naked Poets struts her stuff solo on this great new CD. 

 Ray Essery (SR 59) The Mullumbimby Bloke. Bush Laureate Album Of The Year 2005. Feautures To The Old Pioneers, Growing Old, Warm Spot In Bed ,The Muttaburra Man 

"Busted" Marco Gliori ( SR 63) ( Barcode 933187100563) - features:- Marco Gliori of Naked Poets fame performing his own live comedy/bush poetry album. Includes 'The Breast Feeding Heckler', and the highy moving Slim Dusty Tribute poem 'You Done us Proud'

NEW !!! 'Bigger Than God's Undies'  SR 67 Murray Hartin hits the DVD screen ... and it's not pretty. A great Live performance at The Manly Boatshed ably supported by fellow Naked Poet and Singer Songwriter Pat Drummond.  All the hitsa are here. "The Hog Whisperer", Turbulence", "Dr. Death", The Ayatollah OOf Rum and Cola", "If I Die Before Keith Richards I'll Be pissed Off  To The Max"  "The Road To Damascus, Northwood Hill Great Value.

NEW !!!  'Laugh With The Larrikin" SR 65'    ( Barcode 9331871005940) Absolutely wonderful new release from The Late Great Bobby Miller. Racontuer, Bush Poet lover of Beer and Naked Poet. The Volve Driver, The Shed The Bingo Game . Great tracks from both his early performances as well as classic and unreleased performances  from the Naked Poets show since 1987. 

NEW !!!  'Rain From Nowhere 'SR 71'  Murray Hartin   Features Canola Crops near Cowra, Rain From Nowhere, Best Bloke , Wave Of Disbelief and more
NEW !!!   SR 69'  'Cowpokes and Indians - Marco Gliori" 

NEW !!! The Tater Slater Caper (SR 76 - Includes 'Stronger , Higher, Faster')


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